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Relax and Recharge at Lakeview Dental

Our Amherstview Clinic space is designed to welcome patients and to make you and your family as comfortable as possible before,
during, and after your treatment. We hope you will enjoy a chance to relax while visiting Lakeview Dental. We offer free WiFi,
comfortable seating, and a peaceful environment for all to enjoy. We are one of Amherstview and Kingston’s most advanced high
quality dental clinics.

Lakeview Dental Welcomes Families and Patients of All Ages

Lakeview Dental is a family dental clinic that accommodates patients of all ages. Lakeview Dental is also the perfect clinic for anxious
adults. We make dental care comfortable. Patients feel safe and secure with our amazing team. Please give us a call, at your
convenience, to discuss joining our Lakeview Dental family. We are always happy to hear from you.